Blue Dart Courier Services

Bluedart offers many premium services to its customers which guarantee the delivery of the courier in time and also provides the real time tracking of the shipment. The services are classified into priority and express service.

BlueDart Services

All the bluedart services are described briefly here.

Domestic Priority: All time critical packages can be sent by this priority service. It guarantees the delivery of the shipment by the next business day. This is again classified into two types. One delivers the package by 10:30 hours and the other delivers by 12:00 hours. All important documents which need to be reached within 24 to 48 hours can be sent by this service. This is the fast and reliable service which can be used to send documents across India.

Critical Express: This is a door-to-door service. All important documents like passport, certificates, land documents can be booked under this. The maximum weight of the package allowed is 32 kgs. Blue dart takes care of sending the documents in a safe and secure way.

Benefits of Domestic Priority: The domestic priority service has some great advantages which the customers can use. These are listed below:

  • 1. Delivery: Packages are delivered to most parts of the India. Contact the blue dart customer care support to know whether the services are available in the delivery location or not.
  • 2. Free Pick-up: You can make a call and get a free pickup of the package from your place.
  • 3. Real Time Tracking: Shipments can be tracked in real time online. Customers can get the current status of their consignment. Also, SMS facility is also available to get the status of the shipment.
  • 4. Delivery proof: A computerized proof with date and time of delivery is provided on request by the customer. You may also use the tracking feature to get the proof of delivery.
  • 5. Next Day Delivery: Goods are delivered to most locations in India by the next business day. You can check on the transit time finder and price finder for more details on the domestic priority.

blue dart courier services

Blue Dart ShopTrack Vs PackTrack

Blue Dart provides a variety of e-business solutions to its clients. For its commercial clients, such as merchants and clients in the logistics industry, blue dart offers the APIs ShopTrack and PackTrack. The ShopTrack and PackTrack are closely related to one another. However, each has a distinct function. Both of these APIs are highly helpful for eCommerce portals.

Blue Dart PackTrack

This API was created by blue dart for commercial clients engaged in package delivery, inventory management, and logistics. A product must first be packaged and dispatched to the courier service for delivery when a customer purchases it from an online shopping portal. Ecommerce clients can verify the distribution's status by using the pack track API. The database of the Blue Dart is used to retrieve the status information. Any Windows programme can incorporate this API. It gives real-time order status updates and offers the output in XML or JSON formats. Using this packTrack programme, you can follow a package's blue dart delivery.

Blue Dart ShopTrack

In comparison to PackTrack, the shopTrack API is similar. A consumer will receive an order number when making a purchase from an online store so they may follow the progress of their delivery. The Blue Dart Courier's waybill number is associated with this order number. Customers do not need to log in to the Blue Dart website to check the status of a product's delivery through the eCommerce portal. Use of the ShopTrack API is required for all of this. For the customers, this created a smooth flow.

Requirements for Bluedart APIs

The retailing businesses must first create an account in the Blue Dart portal. The shopTack and packTrack APIs must be incorporated into Windows or web applications by developers. The bluedart courier service also provides other integration options. To track a product's status continuously, these two integration solutions are the finest. Customers benefit from having a seamless experience tracking their purchases.

With this, we hope you have a clear grasp of packTrack and shopTrack. We'll then look at InternetDart and MobileDart, two further Blue Dart business options. Additionally, users of these two programmes can look up the status of multiple deliveries at once.

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